Supporting clients with a custom experience based on a relationship of trust and transparency. Beth brings a systems thinking approach with a strong project management toolkit and is committed to guiding organizations towards responsible stewardship and triple bottom line benefits. She performs easily between facilitating vision and strategy to execution and follow-through. She draws upon her experience, to support community leaders, business owners, and executives in facilitating sustainability business planning strategies from assessment to implementation. Beth helps to strengthen organizations through the core capabilities described below.


Discover and Assess

By completing an assessment matrix that, through discovery and strategic review, evaluates and ranks current plans, mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, and current best practices. After identifying thought leaders, existing resources, existing process models and existing performance measurement tools and frameworks, a “dashboard” is provided that includes actionable incremental improvement strategies and their champions.


Facilitate and Engage

Through full-participatory facilitation, the power of relationships and collaboration is explored through high-impact, multi-stakeholder working sessions bringing participants together to clarify aspirations, build commitments, generate ideas and explore valuable contributions.


Strategize, Plan, And Implement

Design and develop plans that meet your sustainability goals. From assessment to facilitated discovery, this is the opportunity to work closely with individuals, staff, business and/or community to map the process for achieving the goals and the detailed action plan for reaching them.


Train, Coach, and Mentor

Advise and lead individuals and organizations to achieve goals. Support the comprehensive understanding of sustainability strategy planning through the sharing of thoughts, frameworks, principles, tools, and business acumen of this growing industry. Develop and facilitate presentations, training, and curriculum, helping to advance emerging leaders through tools, approaches, and best practices, tailored to your needs. : Facilitate knowledge sharing of current best practices, sustainability frameworks, metrics, and resources to PMB for raising awareness with internal leadership to support sustainability planning goal.


Measure and Communicate

Savvy in a myriad of sustainability frameworks, able to support your message and communication and outreach plan for sharing your successes, eliminating greenwashing by providing the compelling story with proof.

Strategic planning and implementation 

Facilitation through diverse stakeholder participatory process

Sustainable sites, buildings, energy, conservation of resources, and waste reduction

Sustainability and green certifications, measurements and dashboard

Training and curriculum development

 Marketing, messaging, and branding